Clearance sale happening now! 50% off everything!!
Clearance sale happening now! 50% off everything!!
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About Us

Stringtown Fiber started on a small farm in South Carolina with 2 angora goats and a dream! When we moved the farm up to Virginia and settled on Stringtown Road, we knew we were in the right place and Phoenix Farm Fiber became Stringtown Fiber.

We humanely raise sheep, goats, and alpacas on lovely open pasture in the Shenandoah Valley using natural and holistic methods. Though we are not certified organic, I'm sure Mother Nature would approve of our processes in keeping happy animals that produce beautiful fiber. :)

Stringtown Fiber has developed relationships with fiber farmers all over the Southeastern United States to expand our selection of natural fibers from other small farms that share our values in raising animals with the utmost respect and humane care. When you shop at Stringtown Fiber, you have the confidence of knowing that the animals that produced your yarn, roving, and locks are raised ethically and are well-cared for.